Are Asos Shoes Good Quality? – What Makes One a Quality Shoe?

ASOS is an online retail shop based in the United Kingdom. It has a massive collection of fashion items, including many fashionable shoes. With a vast array, ASOS shoes have grown quite popular over the years. So are ASOS shoes good quality?

In short, ASOS shoes are not the best option in terms of quality and longevity. They usually tear down faster compared to other brands. However, depending on the purpose of your use and the budget you have, the stylish ASOS shoes might still be worth it.

While ASOS shoes lag a bit in quality, there are many other appealing characteristics. Keep reading this article to learn about these characteristics and to answer whether ASOS shoes are of good quality in a greater length.

3 Aspects of a Quality Shoe – What Makes One a Quality Shoe?

3 Aspects of a Quality Shoe - What Makes One a Quality Shoe

What does it actually mean to be a quality shoe? These 3 major factors are your answers.

1. Material

The most crucial component of determining quality is the quality of the shoe’s materials. Low-quality materials will never be able to produce high-quality shoes, no matter how good the shoemaker or the brand is.

The quality of the upper materials and the toughness of the outsole will basically determine how long your shoe will be usable.

So, what are these shoe uppers and outsoles – you might ask. To put it simply, the shoe upper is basically all the visible parts of the shoe when standing up. The outsole is the part of the shoe that touches the ground.

Poor upper materials are the main culprit behind shoes tearing down only after a short period. Attention to upper materials is even more required if the shoe is made from leather. Poor quality leathers will decay soon and make the shoe unusable.

The type of leather your quality shoe should have depends on the type of shoe you are considering buying. For most shoes, the leather that works best is grained leather. On the other hand, fine leather is the most appropriate for the dress and formal shoes.

So, if it is the quality that you want, always – ALWAYS – look for the material of the upper shoe. Also, do yourself a favor and never buy any footwear that does not disclose the upper material.

Aside from the quality of the upper materials, always consider how the shoe upper is attached to the outsole. The shoe upper and the outsole can be attached in one of two ways – it can be stitched, or it can be glued. Stitched ones usually make good quality shoes.

2. Comfort

While strictly talking about quality, many people ignore the shoe’s comfort. But I would say it is one of the most essential aspects. A shoe made of concrete would definitely last for a long time. But would I want to wear it? The answer is a resounding no.

The comfort of the shoe largely depends on the quality of the insole and the outsole.

Softer insoles like those made from memory foam make it easier to wear the shoe for a long time. Although it will depend on your preferences, the insole should provide more cushion. As for the outsole, a sturdy yet flexible one will make walking much more effortless. 

3. Price

Naturally, we expect the price to be an indicator of quality. We expect greater quality when the price is higher. On the other hand, we overlook small faults in the design and the quality when the product comes at a lower price.

Similarly, high-priced shoes, for example, shoes that cost more than 100 dollars, must exhibit greater quality. They should be more comfortable, sturdy, and long-lasting. So it’s better to adjust your expectations about quality according to the price range.

Are ASOS Shoes Good Quality?

Are ASOS Shoes Good Quality

Now that we know what makes a shoe “good quality,” we can answer the initial question – are ASOS shoes good quality?

Let’s see how ASOS holds up against the 3 components of quality shoes. One last thing – ASOS sells shoes of many different brands like Puma, Adidas, Nike, etc. These brands produce high-quality shoes and are not the main focus of this article.

This section only focuses on the shoes made and sold by ASOS – ASOS Design Shoes.

1. Material Quality of ASOS Shoes

ASOS Design shoes is usually not made of good quality material. There are many reviews on the web that talk about how poor the material quality of ASOS is.

The condition of the ASOS Design shoes worsens very rapidly. It is because the shoes are made of the poor-quality upper leather. The construction of the shoes meaning the way the shoe upper is attached to the outsole, is also not very good.

It makes ASOS shoes prone to tearing down. The total lifetime of a shoe will highly depend on the shoe you buy and how you use it. But if you are thinking about purchasing an ASOS shoe, it’s best to assume you can only wear them for around 8 – 12 months.

2. Comfortability of ASOS Shoes

Because of the poor material quality, you might be asking yourself, “Do ASOS shoes Hurt?” The straightforward answer is – no. ASOS shoes will not hurt your feet.

ASOS shoes are surprisingly comfortable for the price range. For casual wear, they are pretty good. In many of the shoes, the upper portion is covered with a soft layer. This layer makes the shoes more comfortable.

While ASOS shoes are surprisingly comfortable for the price, they are not the best shoes to wear in an office that requires you to stand on your feet for the whole day. The insoles are not as comfortable as, let’s say, a nurse’s shoe. ASOS usually uses insoles that provide less cushion for the feet.

Increasing The Comfort With Insoles

To make the ASOS shoes more comfortable, you can change the default insole. There are plenty of insoles available – some provide you with an extra cushion while others help you relieve pain. You can consider buying an Insole with Extra Cushion to make your shoe more comfortable.

3. The price of ASOS Shoes

ASOS shoes is very pocket friendly. The shoes cost significantly less compared to competitors. For example, ASOS shoes usually cost 60 dollars, while such stylish shoes from other brands could easily cost you more than 100 dollars.

Type of FootwearASOS Design (Average Price)Other Brands
Heeled Shoe$30Everlane > $60
Boots$60 Tory Burch Boots > $250
Casual and Formal (Men)$50Clarks > $90

This table is just a guide to make you understand the price range and how budget-friendly ASOS is. The prices shown here are merely average.

4. Overall Evaluation

So are ASOS shoes good quality? Just material-wise – no. But the shoes also come at a much lower price. The comfort level is also quite good for a shoe in this price range. So if you are not concerned with longevity, you can seriously consider buying an ASOS design.

ASOS Shoe Collection: Stylish and Trendy

ASOS Shoe Collection Stylish and Trendy

Aside from the low price and comfort, another incentive for considering ASOS is their vast array of shoes.

ASOS has gained a reputation for creating stylish and trendy shoes. It embodies fast fashion. ASOS will have a shoe to meet almost every trend you come across. As the shoes are relatively inexpensive, you can buy multiple pairs for different occasions and beat the trend. Plus, ASOS makes your search for shoes easier as all the shoes come in different sizes.

One of the core benefits people get from buying ASOS shoes is that they can be trendy even in the fast-changing world of fashion. Without the inexpensive shoes of ASOS, you would literally have to spend thousands of dollars a year for shoes just to catch up with the trend.

So, as a fashion-conscious customer, you can easily buy a couple of ASOS shoes for different specific occasions without hurting your purse. However, Be sure not to wear them regularly as that would reduce the shoe’s lifetime.

On the other hand, we recommend you consider buying a few top-quality, long-lasting shoes for regular use. To get the best out of your footwear collection, buy a pair of good quality formal shoes and sneakers alongside buying stylish and trendy ASOS shoes.


  • Is ASOS a Reliable Brand?

Yes, ASOS is an established brand. It is an online fashion retail brand based in the United Kingdom. ASOS has been in business for more than 22 years and has gained quite a reputation as a retailer.

Now, as a fashion retailer, ASOS sells both ASOS branded products and products from other brands. As discussed before, ASOS’s own shoes do not last that long and, as a result, are not that reliable. However, as a reputed online retailer of fashion brands – a marketplace.

  • Are Shoes on ASOS Real?

Yes, the shoes on ASOS are 100% authentic. ASOS boasts a wide range of shoes coming from various reputed brands. Aside from selling ASOS branded shoes, the retailer also sells Adidas, Puma, Vans, and Nike shoes.

ASOS has a strong policy against selling counterfeit shoes as a reliable and established brand. So, all the shoes on ASOS are real.

  • Can You Return an ASOS Shoe?

Yes. ASOS has an active returning policy. Any item purchased from ASOS can be returned at the buyer’s discretion, given that the buyer still has the receipt with them. If a product is returned within 28 days of receiving it, they will get a full refund. If, on the other hand, if a product is returned in the first 45 days, then ASOS will provide the returnee with a gift voucher.

  • Are ASOS Shoes Small?

A growing concern among many is that ASOS Design shoes are not true to the measurements they give. Buyers have complained that although the shoes sized 9 are okay, the 10 or 11 sized shoes are actually a bit smaller than the description.

We do hope that ASOS will address this problem soon. But until then, to be extra safe, you can order a larger size, and then should they be too big, combine two insoles to make the shoe wearable.


Hey, by now, you are an expert on all things related to ASOS shoes. So, are ASOS shoes good quality? We hope now you will be able to answer this question on your own.

But here is our recommendation. If money is not a concern and all you’re looking for in a shoe is longevity, you should steer clear of ASOS shoes. Material-wise, they are not as good as shoes from some other brands. However, for the price and trendy look it offers, I’d say it’s definitely worth a look.

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