Are Clarks Shoes Good Quality? – Here’s the Fact

A good-quality shoe is truly a blessing. It looks better, feels amazing, and walking becomes pleasing.

But the shoe market is over-flooded with so many brands that it’s really easy to get lost when searching for quality. Here we look at one of these brands – Clarks shoes.

But, are Clarks shoes good quality?

The short answer is yes. The shoes use excellent materials and emphasize foot health and comfortability. The best part is the high-quality material and construction make these shoes admiringly durable, comfortable, and affordable. The many happy customer reviews also speak for the brand’s quality.

However, to fully understand the quality of Clarks shoes, we need to know what makes a shoe good. The rest of the article answers this question in greater depth.

A Quick Look at the Fundamentals of Clarks Shoes

A Quick Look at the Fundamentals of Clarks Shoes

Before we dive into the question of quality let’s look at Clarks as a brand.

Clarks is a top-rated shoe manufacturer from the UK. Most of the shoes are made from leather or suede. However, to be more environmentally friendly, Clarks has launched a new line of shoes called the Seven – using recycled materials.

Clarks has a variety of styles and types of shoes in its “arsenal.” Over the years, the brand has designed 22,000 different styles of shoes. In all of the designs, Clarks place special emphasis on comfort and foot health. They were also the first brand to introduce the Foot-Shaped Shoe.

Furthermore, from Slip-on to Formal Shoes – you can find almost any type of footwear in their inventory. Clarks also has an impressive collection of Boots for both Men and Women. You can also find stylish and casual everyday wear Shoes and Sneakers.

So as you can see, Clarks is an old and reputed brand with a vast collection of shoes.

What to Look for in a Good Quality Shoe

What to Look for in a Good Quality Shoe

Before determining the quality of Clarks shoes, a clear understanding of the components of quality is a must. In other words, what is the best quality of shoes, and how can you understand if a shoe is good or not. This section will answer that question. 

1. Component Quality

Component quality is perhaps the most important factor in determining quality. Because it is the material, the shoe is made from.

If the raw materials are bad, even if the best shoemaker lends all of their talents, the outcome will still be poor – the shoe will be horrible. 

When checking for component quality, you must notice two parts of the shoe carefully.

Upper Material

Upper material of the shoe is the part that is visible when standing up. Usually, this part is made from leather, suede, canvas, fabric, etc, depending on the type of shoe being manufactured.

For formal leather shoes, the best quality shoes are made from finely grained leather. In the case of canvas shoes, cotton canvas gives excellent results. Suede is not as strong as leather, but it is softer and looks good. So, touch the Suede to feel if it is soft or not.

Remember, the upper material will largely determine how long you can use your shoes. If the material is poor, the shoe will tear down or look extremely ancient only after a couple of uses.


It is the shoe part that touches the ground while standing up. It, along with the quality of the insole, determines how comfortable walking (or any other activity) will be wearing the shoe.

A good outsole must be sturdy yet flexible. So, try to see if the shoe is too stiff or if it bends a little. Sturdy shoes that also bend a little are perfect.

Word of Advice- Never buy from a brand that is hesitant to show you the materials the shoe is made from.

2. Assembling Quality

Assembling quality is also responsible for determining the durability of the shoe. One common problem shoe lovers face is that the upper portion comes out of the bottom part of the shoe or the outsole. Poor assembling quality is responsible for this nightmare.

Assembling in the context of shoes basically refers to how well the upper portion of the shoe is attached to the bottom part of the outsole. It can also be called construction quality.

There can be two types of constructions. The upper portion of the shoe is stitched to the bottom, or glued. Generally, stitched construction makes the shoe stronger.  

3. Comfortability

Let’s say you found a shoe that will never decay, discolor, or damage. But the catch is that after wearing it for only 5 minutes, your feet will start to ache. Will you buy that shoe? For me, the answer is a strong no. If I can’t be comfortable, there is no point in buying a shoe.

So, comfortability is also a crucial component of shoe quality. The quality of the insole largely determines this factor. Insoles with Memory Foam provide excellent results. Insoles with greater arch support will be your best friend on days you need to be on your feet for long hours.

4. Price

The durability and comfort should reflect the price of the shoe. You definitely won’t expect the same level of quality from a 20 dollars and 100 dollars shoe. So, adjust your expectations accordingly.

But when your shoes reach in the thousands of dollars, you are basically paying for the brand, and this price does not indicate quality. 

Are Clarks Shoes Good Quality Shoes?

Are Clarks Shoes Good Quality Shoes

By now, you have a firm understanding of the components of quality shoes. Now we can answer if Clarks shoes are good quality or not.

The answer can be divided into 3 parts – how durable the shoes are, the comfortability it provides, and how large the price tag is. 

1. Longevity

Most of the Clarks shoes are made from high-quality leather. The shoes that use suede are also very sturdy. Many of the high-priced Clarks shoes stitch the upper with the bottom portion of the shoe.

However, budget-friendly shoes are glued.

This use of high-quality materials makes the shoes very durable. Users often use it on a daily basis. Obviously, how long you can use a shoe depends on your usage pattern, but in general, you can comfortably wear it for almost a year.

You can extend the lifetime of the shoes by cleaning them properly. Clarks shoes are easy to clean. You can simply use your washing machine to clean your canvas-made shoes. You can also use this Suede Protector to protect your leather shoe from water damage.

2. Comfortability

It is Clarks shoes’ strongest side. Clarks shoes are designed to keep comfortability and foot health in mind. They have always been pioneers in providing the utmost comfort. So, most of the shoes are excellent for standing all day long. 

Clarks was also the pioneer of starting the Foot-Shaped Shoes, which are more comfortable to wear and better for feet in the long run. Similarly, Clarks lets consumers choose shoes not only by height but also by width which enables the consumers to find a better fit.

Now coming to the point of insoles, Clarks shoes usually come with very comfortable insoles. In fact, the crepe rubber used in many Clarks boots makes it much easier for wearers to walk wearing these boots.

So, in terms of comfort, Clarks shoes get 10 out of 10.

3. Affordability

Well, here, the performance is mixed. These shoes are definitely not the cheapest in the market. However, Clarks offers shoes that range from economic to somewhat luxury.

In terms of Oxford Formal shoes, buying a Clarks shoe will be more expensive compared to, say, an ASOS shoe. You can expect to get a Clarks Formal Mens’ shoe at $70-$100. Canvas shoes and flip-flops are even less pricey – the average cost is around 50-60 dollars.

You can indeed find cheaper alternatives. But given the excellent comfort and the brand value, this slight above-market price is justified. Remember, you need to judge the price according to what you are getting.

Clarks Shoes: Good Quality Shoes Or Not?

Now you know all the facts. So, what’s the final answer? Does Clarks make good shoes or not? In our opinion, the shoes are excellent.

As mentioned before, the shoes are quite long-lasting. There are also plenty of different styles and types of shoes for you to choose from according to your need. The one downside is that the shoes cost more compared to brands like Vans and ASOS. But the superior comfort makes up for this higher price tag.  

So the final verdict is: Clarks Shoes are good quality shoes.

Here is a list of our top 3 Clarks shoes that are worth your investment.

Clarks ShoesGreat For
Clarks Originals Men’s Desert BootPremium Leather or SuedePlantation Crepe soleHeel Height .94 inches
Clarks Originals Mens Desert Trek Suede ShoesSoft and breathable leather liningcenter butt seamcrepe sole“Trek Man” emblem on the heel.
Clarks Un Costa Tie SneakersLeather soleLace UpLeather socklinerRemovable Contoured Comfort Ortholite footbed
Clarks Men’s Wallabee Boot Chukkaa boxy, moc-inspired silhouette.signature crepe soles.cushioning underfoot.sheepskin liningunfussy laces.
Clarks Men’s Tilden Cap Oxford ShoeThermoplastic Elastomers sole.a premium leather.Stretch Gore Panels.Ortholite footbed.Soft Themoplastic Rubber outsole.


  • Is Clarks a Designer Brand?

Clarks is a reputed brand that has been in business for nearly two centuries. So yes, this is a reputed brand that puts forward a lot of stylish and fashionable shoes. Although the shoes are not cheap, compared to other designer brands, Clarks shoes are less expensive and more suitable for everyday use.

One of the primary ingredients of Clarks shoes is leather. This leather stretches out a bit over time. Clarks also makes a lot of shoes using Suede. Suede stretches even more compared to leather. So, even if your feet feel tight right now, the shoe will stretch.

  • Where are Clarks Shoes Made?

Although the brand is based in England, minimal production occurs within Europe. Most of the production takes place in Asia – especially in China. China manufactures nearly 27% of all Clarks shoes.

This shoe is also made in Cambodia, India, Vietnam, Mexico, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Portugal, Albania, and Romania.

Final Words

Are Clarks Shoes Good Quality?

The level of comfort provides how we can say no to the question. While the shoe can be a bit pricey, we think the style, comfort, and durability are worth the money. So, if you are on the fence about Clarks, we suggest just trying one out. It has our vote of confidence.

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