Are Ugg Boots Good for Snow? [Answer Revealed]

Winter: the growling wind, the biting cold, and the falling snow. And snow requires warm, cozy, and comfortable footwear – a good pair of boots.

With winter being right around the corner, everyone, including me, is looking for the perfect boot to buy. Among all the choices, the one that stands out the most is Ugg boots. So one may question, are Ugg boots good for snow?

Yes, they are good for snow. Ugg boots are warm and stylish, protecting your feet from the cold, wet snow. They consist of a PVC exterior that keeps your feet dry the whole day. Moreover, these boots are water-resistant, so there is no chance of wet and cold feet walking in the snow.

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Are Ugg Boots Good For Snow?

Are Ugg Boots Good For Snow

Many of you may be planning to ski this winter, and while on this getaway, Ugg boots may be the best companion for you. They are one of the best choices for this snowy season.

Ugg boots get specially made to ensure your feet remain the warmest in the winter with their warmth and insulation properties. Furthermore, it comes in excellent design with water-resistant features, making it a perfect boot for this winter.

Ugg boots use a sheepskin insole to provide the maximum warmth and a PVC exterior to keep you as dry as possible.

However, it is not recommended to wear Ugg boots in the snow constantly. You can use it once or twice on a ski trip or when you go outside. But constant use may ruin the shoe.

Furthermore, the features mentioned above are available for the newer Ugg boots. The classic may still use fabric that is not waterproof, resulting in your feet getting wet and you slipping.

Lastly, constantly using Ugg boots in the snow may lead to the boot getting stained.

What is Ugg Boots Insulation?

What is Ugg Boots Insulation

The material used to make the exterior of Ugg boots may differ from boot to boot. But all the insulation of the Ugg boots has the same property. They all use high-quality merino wool, one of the best materials for insulation for winter boots. This wool keeps your feet really warm while letting your foot’s perspiration escape, resulting in dry feet.

However, one issue with Merino wool is its durability. To be precise, merino wool is not the best if you will be walking through mud or anything other activity that may lead to dirt getting inside your boot. Because when Merino wool gets dirty, it loses its fair share of its insulating properties. And cleaning from the inside is not the easiest task.

Ugg Boots Best Features

Here are some Ugg boots features that we think to stand out compared to the competitors.

  • Warmth And Insulation

Undoubtedly Ugg boots provide the best warm and high insulation due to Merino wool. There are super fuzzy and are to keep your feet warm.

  • Waterproof

Ugg is probably the best choice for everyday waterproof boots. All of their upper body is highly waterproof, thus giving the best experience on a snowy day. They are perfect to wear on a snowy day, hiking or skiing.

  • Grip

Ugg boot comes with two types of outsoles; treadlite or Vibram.

Treadlite is a lightweight sole that is highly durable and has a strong grip and traction on wet surfaces. However, the best part of it has to be the featherlike weight.

The other iconic outsole Ugg boots have Vibram. It’s one of the highest quality outsoles and provides the best grip on any surface. Also, it is very rigid and long-lasting.

 Top 3 Ugg Boots We Recommend For Women

Name                       Feature
1)UGG Women’s Adirondack Boot IIIThis is really an amazing boot with 100% leather and has identical traction to hiking boots.
2)Koolaburra by UGG Women’s Victoria Short Fashion BootTall boot with sheepskin and thermoplastic elastomers sole.
3)UGG Women’s Selima Ankle BootGreat boot if you are looking for a rubber sole. It is waterproof and has 80% wool and 20% lyocell.

Top 3 Ugg Boots We Recommend For Men

1)UGG Men’s Butte Snow BootPerfect to use in snow as it has cow leather WP and synthetic sole
2)UGG Men’s Butte Chelsea BootWaterproof leather upper body and is made out of wool, thus being perfect for winter
3)UGG Men’s Emmett Boot Mid SnowOne of the best snow boots with a rubber sole, waterproof body, and seam-sealed construction.

Should You Wear Ugg Boots With Socks?

It is suggested and recommended by experts to wear Ugg boots on bare feet rather than with a pair of socks. Merino wool is among the few boots whose insulating abilities work best when worn barefoot.

However, if you feel like without socks, your feet will be cold this winter, or people may give you strange looks in the workplace; then feel free to wear them with socks. It will still insulate and keep your feet warm, maybe not to their maximum capacity.

Cleaning Rules For Ugg Boots

Cleaning Rules For Ugg Boots

Before we jump into a complete guide on cleaning Ugg boots, here are some tips you should remember.

  • Avoid Washer And Dryer

This is a must-do if you want to protect your ugg boots. Throwing them in the washer or dryer is sure to ruin your boot. They do not mix.

  •  Avoid Direct Heat Sources

When drying your Ugg boots, avoid direct heat sources at all costs. Do not put them in front of a heater or under the sun, as it will damage your boot’s material and may lead it to shrink.

  • Invest In Boot Dryer

If you want your boots to have a long-lasting life span, investing in a DryGuy Travel Dry DX Boot Dryer might be the best choice.

A dripping Ugg may take forever to dry and might lead to it smelling bad. In contrast, the boot dryer dries it out quicker by blowing steam of room temperature air through several air vents. It results in the wettest of boots drying in a few hours.

  • Invest In Boot Sheepskin Cleaner

This might be one of your best purchases for your boot. The cleaner is designed to properly clean your boot and get the dirt off it without harming the fabric.

How To Clean Ugg Boots

Now that we are done with the tips we may need, let us jump on to the step-by-step guide to clean an Ugg boot.

  1. To start, grab an entire bowl of cold water, then proceed to wet the entire outer body of your boot. You do not have to make it dripping wet. Just make sure it is solidly wet and not damp.
  2. Now proceed to apply some Sheepskin Boot cleaner on a dry piece of cloth, sponge, or boot cleaning brush.
  3. Now gently rub the cleaner across the entirety of your boot’s exterior. Make sure to clean the entire boot, not just specific dirty spots. As the cleaner, alongside cleaning, also protects your boots. We recommend repeating the process twice to make sure you clean all the stuff bare eyes can’t see, such as chemical residue, salt, and melt.
  4. Once you think you have rubbed and cleaned enough, rinse your boot with cold water. You can either do it by pouring cold water on your boots or by using a faucet. Remember, the shape of your boot may disappear when washing. Do not be scared.
  5. Use a clean piece of towel to clean your boot and rinse off all the moisture. Then put a fresh pair of towels inside your boots to reshape them.
  6.  Now, put your boots on top of the boot dryer and wait for a few hours to get a clean and fresh pair of ugg boots.

 Can You Wear Suede Shoes In The Snow?

To the saddest of news, it is recommended not to wear suede shoes in the snow. This is because suede is already a very delicate material, and when it is in constant contact with water, the shoe will get damaged and stained.

It is okay to wear it once or twice, but wearing it in the snow for an extended period will ruin the shoe due to the salt and water in the snow. 


  • Are Ugg boots slippery on ice?

Yes, they are. The highly fashionable boot may be good on snow, but it lacks the required grip and traction you need to walk on ice. Thus wearing Ugg boots on ice may lead to sudden slips and falls on icy terrains.

  • What happens if Uggs get wet?

Nothing much will happen for a short period, but leaving it soaking wet for a long time or getting it wet repeatedly could lead to the adhesives loosening or the exteriors becoming misshapen.

  • Are Uggs warm enough for winter?

Yes, they are. Ugg boots are very comfy and warm enough for you in the winter as it uses one of the highest insulating material, the Melino wool.


So, as we come to the end of our article, we would like to think you got have gotten your answer for are Ugg boots good for snow. If you haven’t, they are great as a snow foot due to their waterproof and high insulating qualities.

However, experts recommend using Ugg boots when going on a snowy day or a skiing or trekking trip. Regular boot use may lead to the materials getting damaged or ruined.

Lastly, remember not to wear Ugg boots on ice as it does not have enough gripping capabilities for ice.

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