vans vs sperry shoes

Vans vs Sperry- Know the Differences for a Better Choice

Choosing the right shoe is challenging – choosing the right brand is a tough call. When you go shopping to buy a new pair of shoes obviously you want to buy the best one for you. However, if the options are Vans and Sperry shoes, you are in a quandary. Both brands are popular for …

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prevent farting noise in shoes

How to Prevent Farting Noise in Shoes? – Detail Explained!

It’s your first day in the office. You walk confidently in your exclusive office attire with poise and style. Suddenly there comes the farting noise from your shoe – the FRAAP-BRAAP day! Farting noise in shoes is nothing uncommon, and indeed it’s embarrassing, annoying, and unappealing. Not only does it invite negative attention from people …

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do timberlands stretch

Do Timberlands Stretch? – All You Need to Know

Timberland is a common brand known to everyone for making well-designed boots. They are a fashion staple to many. Their shoes range from simple and classic to styles embraced by hip-hop icons. If you are one such timberland fan or want to buy a new pair of Timberland but are wondering, do Timberlands stretch? Then …

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do carhartt jackets shrink

Do Carhartt Jackets Shrink? – You Should Need to Know

  If you are someone who loves wearing jackets everywhere, no matter if it’s your office or an event, then you for sure have heard of the brand of Carhartt. They are one of the most famous brands for making heavy clothing like jackets. They are known for their rugged design and heavy materials. Have …

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are cargo pants business casual

Are Cargo Pants Business Casual – All About Cargo Pants

Cargo pants were introduced first in the 1930sespecially for the British Army. Cargo pants such as trousers, khaki, and utility pants faded out quickly like other fashionable pants. Luckily, popular brands are putting these stylish pants back into the fashion world. Modern cargo pants are comfortable and, of course, carry a fashion statement. They come …

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do gildan shirts shrink

Do Gildan Shirts Shrink? – All You Need to Know

A cool shirt with a pair of jeans can never go wrong. However, a shrinking shirt can surely give you shock and sorrow. Gildan is a reliable, global favorite brand, providing quality shirts at an affordable price with excellent customer service. They keep innovating various ways to create new blended fabrics – especially ultra cotton …

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can you use acrylic paint on air force ones

Can You Use Acrylic Paint on Air Force Ones

The current generation of people is either known for their style or creativity. One of the hottest topics in the fashion industry nowadays is footwear, with bigshots like Nike constantly releasing something new. If we talk about one of the biggest Nike releases recently, the Air Force ones must be on top of the chart. …

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best socks to wear with doc martens

7 Best Socks to Wear With Doc Martens – In-Depth Guides

Doc Martens boots are known for their sturdy construction and the fact that they last a long time.  This means that you will need socks to handle the wear and tear these boots will put them through.  Whether you wear them for work or leisure, you will want to pick socks that can take the …

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shoes to wear with scrubs

20 Cool Scrub Shoe Ideas to Look You Fashionable

When it is about the appearance of a medical professional, what comes to your mind? You’re right – it’s a white lab coat, a short-sleeve shirt, and a pair of tight white shoes with big laces. It’s a pretty usual photo coming to your mind about medical professionals indeed – especially their outfits. However, the …

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