The Best Shoes Like Chacos but Cheaper

There’s no doubt that Chacos are the most comfortable and softest sandals ever. They have been ruling the whole world for more than 30 years. But, not everyone is interested in investing a lot of money in their sandals, as Chacos are very expensive.

So, you want the comfort and softness that Chacos have but don’t want to spend much money, right? Don’t worry about your ease. We have gathered some lists of “shoes like Chacos but cheaper.”

Teva, Sanuk, Crocs, Ecco, CIOR, and Camel are some great names of shoe providers like Chacos. These shoes are very likely to Chacos in comfort and softness shoes but cheaper. They provide quality material, sole construction, stylish design, and longevity.

This article will provide informative detail about these amazing shoes and many more. So stay tuned with us till the conclusion.

Shoes Like ChacosFeaturesPrice Range
Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling Ella Flip FlopSynthetic and fabric materialSynthetic soleWeigh 4.8 Ounces$27.99 – $43.00
Xero Shoes Men’s Z-Trail Sandals 100% polyesterMinimalistic designTriple-layer FeelLite soleWeigh 4.2 ounces$113.34 – $133.65
Teva’s Women Original Universal SandalsDurable rubber sole with good traction100% polyesterLong-lastingWeigh 15.2 Ounces$37.51 – $139.85
Crocs’ Men and Women Classic Clog Shoes100% SyntheticEthylene Vinyl Acetate soleWeigh 6.4 Ounces$31.75 – $104.95
CIOR’s Women Sport Yoga SandalsPolyester webbing upperRubber soleAntiskid outsoleWeigh 11.75 Ounces$27.99 – $30.00

Shoes Like Chacos But Cheaper

In Comfort, softness, and durability some shoes are almost the same as Chacos. The primary difference between them is the price range. These sandals are-

1. Sanuk’s Women Yoga Sandals

Shoes Like Chacos But Cheaper

These imported flip-flops from southern California are the best budget range sandals for women. This pair of sandals ensures absolute comfort and the best deal for a long journey. And as the product’s origin is the US, you don’t have to worry about its quality. Let us unpack more details.

  • Material

The material of these flip-flops is synthetic and fabric. For your comfort, the material is ten on ten. 

  • Design

These sandals are available in various designs and perfectly go with any summer outfit. 

  • Durability

These sandals can efficiently run a long way, at least for two or three years or even more. 

  • Feel

These sandals are so comfortable and soft. We can bet that you will love it. The sole of this pair of sandals is made of a yoga mat. It will give you the feeling you feel when walking on your home’s carpet.

  • Price

This imported flip-flop is quite close to your reach, costing around $27.99 – $43.00.

2. Xero Shoes Men’s Z-Trail Sandals 

Xero Shoes Men's Z-Trail Sandals 

All of the Xero shoes offer sneakers with minimal pads, sandals, and boots. They are comfortable like Chacos but cheaper. Especially for those who like to maintain a low-profile feel, Xero shoes are great for him.

  • Material

The materials of Xero Z-Trail EV are earth, vegan friendly, and very comfortable. The sandals are made from polyester. This is why the Xero sandals are flexible and bouncy.

  • Design

Xero Z-Trail EV comes with a very minimalistic design. Any informal outfit will go with the sandals. 

  • Durability

You can rest assured for at least 2 years after buying these shoes.

  • Feel 

You will feel feathery while wearing this pair of sandals. Also, you will get great flexibility as it is a hiking shoe. But you might not be very fond of the shoes’ noticeable loose and sloppy feeling.

  • Price

The Z-Trail sandals is super supportive shoes that deserve your attention and investment. And you would be amazed to learn that it comes at an affordable price – around $113.34 – $133.65.

3. Teva’s Women Original Universal Sandals

Teva’s Women Original Universal Sandals

These US-originated sandals are available in a variety of colors and sizes and are much more comfortable. 

  • Material

The material of the shoes is polyester, and the sole is made of rubber. Shoes made of polyester are flexible, dry out quickly, and do not shrink in water. This material ensures the softness and comfort of your feet. 

  • Design

These sandals are available in various colors and with a minimalist design. But they will go well with any summer outfit. 

  • Durability

Teva is one of the long-lasting footwear. You can easily use a pair of Teva shoes for years.

  • Feel

A new pair of shoes can be annoying as they can cause blisters, right? No worries, you should try this pair of sandals to get rid of the fear of new sandals. These sandals are so comfortable for all-day wearing.

  • Price

Tava is also a pretty affordable shoe that you can get by investing just around $37.51 – $139.85.

4. Crocs’ Men and Women Classic Clog Shoes

Crocs’ Men and Women Classic Clog Shoes

Though these imported shoes do not have any known and particular origin; still, we can reassure you that this shoe quality is one of the best. 

  • Material

These shoes are made of fully molded Croslite. Croslite is a resin material that provides you with the maximum cushioning. It also helps inhibit bacterial growth and eventually keeps the odor away. 

  • Design 

These shoes are designed with some ventilation pores. This pair of shoes go well with shorts and an informal outfit. These are also available in various colors. 

  • Durability

Its material makes it so durable that you can use it for 2 or 3 years without any worry. 

  • Feel

As these sandals have so many ventilation pores, allowing your feet to breathe. And the material is so comfy and lightweight that you will feel comfortable.

  • Price

Crocs are usually cheaper, and this one comes around $31.75 – $104.95.

5. Cior’s Women Sport Yoga Sandals

Cior’s Women Sport Yoga Sandals

This pair of sandals is another alternative to Chacos shoes. These are specially made for hiking, providing you with enough comfort and arch support.

  • Material

The material of the outer fabric of these sandals is ethylene-vinyl acetate. The material of the sole is rubber. EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) materials are soft and flexible like rubber. And it does not conduct much heat, so it’s perfect for your sandals. 

  • Design

These sandals have a variety of colors and slip-on features. Any summer outfit will look good with these shoes. 

  • Durability

These sandals are made for hiking. That means you do not have to worry about these sandals’ durability.

  • Feel

If you are looking for comfort, nothing can beat these sandals. Choose one of the pairs of these Ciro sport hiking sandals for your usage.

  • Price

You won’t believe it; these comfy shoes come around $27.99 – $30.00.

What’s the difference between Chacos and Tevas?

When it comes to sports sandals, the two great competitors are the Chacos and Teva. Which one is the best? The debate will not stop. But you can choose the best deal for you depending on the price range and shoe qualities.

Even though they are almost the same, they have some basic differences. Let us identify them.

Key Comparing FactorsChacosTevas
Material ChacoGrip RubberRecycled Polyester
FootbedSlightly textured, drySmooth, soft, and Cushioned
MidsoleMade of PU foam, heavy, long-lasting bounceMade of EVA foam, lightweight, cushioned, bouncy
OutsoleSoft and cushion-like rubbery bottomTougher, heavier bottom
Price ranges$52 – $127$24 – $129
DurabilityMore DurableDurable

Is Chaco or Teva better?

Is Chaco or Teva better

Chaco and Teva are the greatest rivals in the sports shoe world. Both shoes are kind of weird and more or less alike. These are comfortable and durable. But which one is better? 

It is up to your requirements, like budget, weight, materials, etc. if you want sandals with some upgraded material, then Chacos is better for you. 

On the other hand, if you want a lightweight pair of shoes but are comfortable, then Teva is the best option for you. Also, price range matters.

Though these two shoes are almost the same, you have to pay twice more for Chaco. In contrast, you are getting a perfect pair of comfortable Teva shoes at an affordable price.  


  • Are Chacos or Tevas more durable?

Chacos and Tevas both are durable. But the upgraded material made the Chacos winner in the race of durability between Chacos and Tevas. 

Chacos got 5 stars in durability from its reviewers. Also, it is proven that Chacos are one of the longest-lasting sandals in the world.

  • Why do people like Chacos so much?

There are reasons for liking Chacos. Firstly, Chacos are very comfortable. You can wear them daily. Still, these shoes are longer-lasting. Durable than any other normal shoes. Chacos have upgraded material which takes the shoes to another level. Even though the Chacos shoes are costly, it is worth the cost.

  • Can You Wear Teva Every Day?

Yes, you can wear Teva every day. These shoes are comfortable and allow your feet to breathe. As these are hiking shoes, they provide great grip and traction so that you can wear them in any type of terrain. Also, they look great with a summer outfit.


Chacos are super comfortable shoes, perfect for summer, hiking, and trekking. If you are an adventure lover, they are your thing. But, Chacos are way expensive, beyond the reach of many.

But can you get shoes like Chacos but cheaper?

You can consider several shoe brands – Teva, Sanuk, Crocs, Ecco, or CIOR – offering great quality, comfort, and support. They are similar to Chacos, but the great news is they are cheaper than Chacos.

Give them a try. After you buy a pair of shoes from the list, you may fall in love with the shoes. Who knows?

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