Shoes Like Creepers- What Are the Best Alternatives?

Brothel creepers, known as creepers, became famous after WWII. When George Cox Footwear, located in the United Kingdom, began manufacturing durable, crepe-soled shoes in 1949, the style caught off, especially with the Teddy Boy group. 

The creeper became the company’s hallmark shoe due to its successful and unique design. If you want to look for Shoes like creepers, there might also be other options.

Although no other shoe can alternate the signature look of the creepers shoes, there are similar shoes that can replicate the punk goth style. Suede Platform Sneakers, Ankle Boots, Platform Mary Janes, Dynamite Ankle boots, etc., are some of the heel alternatives you can look for.

Give more insight to get more details about creepers and some shoes that can work as an alternative to these unique punk-style pairs.

Shoes Like Creepers: Suitable Alternatives

Creepers’ shoes are very eccentric because of the high-heel platform-style shoe that gives off a punk aesthetic. So, you can alternate the style with other platform heels and sneakers to get a similar look. Some of these alternative shoe ideas are given below:

Shoes Like Creepers


PUMA Suede Platform Sneakers

  • 100% Suede
  • Rubber sole
  • Vibrant colors

Clarks Suede Ankle Boots

  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole
  • Soft synthetic outsole
  • 2″ heel height

Wedgie Sneakers

  • 100% Suede
  • Thermoplastic Elastomers sole
  • Zipper Closure

Mary Janes

  • 100% Leather
  • Manmade sole
  • 1.5″ heel height

1. PUMA Suede Platform Sneakers

shoes like creepers

The suede platform sneakers from Puma are almost similar to creepers.

It is more comfortable, and it offers all the puma features. The punk fashion era of the 1990s influenced the suede platform. It is a basket platform that combines two historical trends in the sneaker and footwear industries with its thick outsole and suede top. 

The pair features a variety of vibrant colors that can complement any look. PUMA is a multinational sports brand that perfectly blends sporting, lifestyle, and fashionable inspirations. And the platform sneakers are effortlessly a successful example. 

2. Clarks Suede Ankle Boots

The Clarks ankle boots are stylish platform heel sole that sits above a classic suede shoe shape which is called chukka.

It has a smooth suede upper with a modest internal zipper for a quick and easy fit. Absolute Comfort qualities such as a moisture-absorbing Ortholite insole and a slight heel outsole from soft EVA guarantee easy walking performance.

3. Wedgie Sneakers

The wedgie sneakers are somewhat similar-looking, complementing the goth look, and can be worn as an alternative for creepers. You can find the best wedgie pairs at Steve Madden.

These sneakers are 100% suede, and the inner sole has the humidity soaker as well. The pair is very comfortable and provides the creepers look as well.

4. Mary Janes

TUK mary janes are a good option if you are thinking of trying a bit more girlish alternative.

The heels are 1.5 inches higher, giving off a school goth girl vibe. These types of platform heels have curved edges and visible stitching.

This leather shoe has a solid outsole that gives it height and a great heaviness, and a broad strap fastening adds a stylish special touch.

What Style Are Creeper Shoes?

What Style Are Creeper Shoes

There is a small fanbase for these shoes.

They are not quite common but rather belong to a unique community. They are mostly dark and goth people. They mostly listen to punk, rock, alternative, gothic music, and so on. Their wardrobes are black, and some even practice dark magic and rituals. They have creepers in their closet as staples.

The creepers were must-haves in the women’s closet in the 50s. The trend revived, and now it has become a staple again. Anyone can wear creepers, and you can style them with any outfit. There is a pair of creepers for all, and if you don’t like the basic sole, there are several types with taller platforms.

Pick a jacket and match it with any essentials that suit you well to get casual style with creepers – even though creepers inspire such a rebellious spirit.

You can style it with shorts, a midi dress to even gowns. You can wear flowy skirts to add a bit of girlish vibe to the sneakers since the design is nonbinary. 

Are Creeper Shoes Comfortable?

The creepers as shoes are very comfortable, although they vary because of the brand and fit. The pair might fit any kind of foot be it narrow or wide. The thick and robust sole is very comfortable as well as lifting it a bit. 

You can wear it all day easily without getting any blisters. You can add lace and straps to your content to compliment your outfit. 

Why Are Creeper Shoes Called Creepers?

These shoes have crepe soles. It might just be a misspelling. Or the association with creepy music or dance has something to do with it. Let’s figure it out. 

In the 50s, Ken Mackintosh performed a great dance to his Album “The Creep,” released in 1953. A group called Teddy Boys adopted the dance style. It was a slow shuffling movement. Even though it originated in the Edwardian era, it got popularized after world war II. 

Drainpipe trousers with bare socks, waffle knit jackets, shirts, leather boots, Oxfords, or crepe-soled shoes were all fashionable looks. “Creepers” are shoes with stripe-styled, high-crepe-soled uppers and suede or leather uppers first worn by these people to define a vibe, and thus, Creepers became its name.

What To Wear With Creeper Shoes?

You can style these creepers with any kind of outfit at any season. Whether summer, springtime, or winter, a good pair of creepers can easily complement your look and lift you with its platform heel-style sole. 

Even though the gothic community started this trend, now you can wear it paired with your cute printed midi dresses. Let us give you some ideas to match the creepers with your outfit:

  • One can pair black creepers with a bright-colored coat, light buttoned-down shirt, and bright-colored tight pants. You can wear a cute hat to compliment the look. 
  • You can make an edgy concert outfit by wearing black leggings, leather skirts, red lips, smoky eyes, and a cropped t-shirt with your favorite band logo and creeper heels.
  • You can wear it with a cute midi dress and sunglasses, and you are ready to enjoy the summertime.
  • You can make a chic outfit out of plaid pants, a black turtleneck, and a pair of creepers. It will be a perfect fall look.
  • Pair up your creepers with tight-fitting pants, a light-colored shirt, and a loose overcoat, and you are ready to go to work. 

Is Tuk A Good Brand?

Is Tuk A Good Brand

T.U.K stands for Tea You Kay. It is situated in San Diego, CA. It is a famous and reliable brand for good quality and comfy shoes.

The shoes are mostly inspired by an underground culture of punk, rock music fanatics of the west. The wide range of collections includes Mary Janes, Creepers, High Heels, etc.

The footwear company has almost four stars from consumer ratings and is ranked 259th as a shoe-selling site. You will find blister-less comfortable high-heeled shoes that also have a long-lasting quality. Every pair is fashionable and comfortable at the same time. 

T.U.K. Shoes have just received PETA approval and have released a line which is TUKskin, the latest technological artificial leather and suede. TUKskin is an elevated synthetic suede that is ventilated and can be shined like leather, but without the cruel use and killing of animals.

Are Tuk Creepers Good Quality?

TUK creepers are the bestselling shoes of this footwear brand. These are vegan shoes which means they are cruelty-free yet serve the best quality, ensuring your comfort. 

The creepers have a hand-interlaced front, Silver metal D-ring, dual-density memory foam insole, and high-quality soft lining that provides optimal comfort. The outsole is made of eco-friendly and flexible natural rubber.


  • How tall are creepers shoes?

The creepers are approximately 2 inches tall. But you can find higher-heeled creepers available at stores.

  • How do you stretch creepers’ shoes?

To stretch the creepers, you can use thick socks and blow dryers. Wearing it in your free time also helps to stretch. You can also use an airtight bag that has been frozen, the technique with the peeled potato, shoe trees that you can adjust, sprays and liquids for stretching shoes, or just find a professional who can fix your shoes.

  • What creeper size should I get?

It runs accurate to size in the original round-toe creeper collection. Collection of pointed-toe creepers are for large feet, order one size down; for tiny feet, order one size up.

However, for the jungle collection, the shoes fit slightly smaller; for size UK 6 or above, we recommend ordering one size bigger.

Final Words

There are many shoes like creepers with high platform heels, but only this unique pair of shoes can give you a gothic look you require.

However, the alternatives are also fashion-forward with a punk vibe. You just need to be innovative and figure out what style goes well with these pairs of shoes.

So get your one today and whoop it up!

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